Terms and Conditions

General terms of website use:

These certain rules and regulations are described in the following lines are strictly suggested to read and abide by all users of healthtipsexpo.com:

  • This website holds the rights of any kinds of omission or modification of its articles without any prior notification to its user.
  • com process the right of rejecting or not accepting all views expressed by any articles or opinions or reviews by several editors or users.
  • The use of this website is simply meaning the acceptance of all terms and conditions of this website
  • This website contains information about health, body fitness, and weight gaining products ranging from Europe to worldwide.
  • com needs no permission or any warning to provide to its users before changing the terms and conditions of this website. After then, this website will automatically follow new terms and conditions.
  • Email us at admin@healthtipsexpo.com for any queries or informat

Note: if any of its provision declared unfair/ illegal/ void, we would consider this term and condition as automatically rejected. In contrast to this, the rest of the terms and conditions will be kept active and valid.


Conditions relating to the external factors:

  • For users, healthtipsexpo.com may contain other sites or links in this website and will not be held responsible for use of these websites.
  • com will not liable to any others website services contained in it ranging from mails, products delivery and payment, product warranty and delivery times, product promotion or sales of the product etc. Moreover, these are considered as third party liability and healthtipsexpo.com do not hold any responsibility to them.
  • This website also contains many other sites, pages or link without any ownership or jurisdiction. For your information, these websites will be governed by their own rules and regulation and Bodymedia.com will not be liable to any of their activities.
  • For any inaccurate information, this website won’t bear any responsibility though it is trying to provide you with proper information.

Terms relating to making the site available to public:

  • com carries or holds the right of terminating or changing any functions of the website without providing any information of suspending.
  • This website has the right of denying any complete or partial access of this website to any of its users.