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As men age, the body’s natural production of testosterone decreases rapidly, leading to a reduction in cognitive and physical performance in all areas of life. The loss of speed, endurance, concentration and also endurance can be very marked and often annoying. Man loses his competitive advantage in business and sports, and can penetrate clinical depression due to low testosterone levels.

Now you don’t have to worry about the problem I mentioned earlier. Because now the supplement has been present to overcome the problem.

Testogen Natural  Booster supplements are the answer! Testogen is really a 100% natural safe way to improve the male body’s own sources to improve hormone production, in addition to motivate its effective use, to feel and look

Testosterone Boosting Supplements

Who doesn’t dream of having a macular body? Showing off your upper body part topless can be a pretty fascinating thing for a man. It can also increase the confidence level to quite an extent.

 Lots of men choose to move toward the gym and start gaining muscle. Once there prevailed a time when bodybuilding was only a passion and profession. But nowadays, due to the rise of bodybuilding products, everyone can be one. Everyone can start building muscle like any bodybuilder. The most important thing to do so is taking any Testosterone booster. Such products are sold in markets. Among them, Nugenix testosterone booster, Testmax, Testboost, Ageless Male and Testogen are the most common ones. Here we are reviewing Testogen Testosterone Booster and comparing it to the market leaders

What Is Testosterone:

it is a vital hormone in humans. It is a fundamental sex hormone in a male human. But that doesn’t mean there is no testosterone in women. Women produce less Testosterone than males.

Testosterone is the hormone that plays the most important role in developing male prostate tissues, sex drive and muscle and bone density. The reason for body hair growth is caused due to Testosterone.

Testosterone is a steroid which contains ketone and hydroxyl groups in the third and seventeenth hand of carbon. Thus it is converted to inactive metabolites. That is the reason for its developing muscle density and us producing strong and good-looking muscle.

Testosterone how Does it work:

Anyone with a little knowledge of biology will know what Testosterone is and how it works?

Testosterone is a growth hormone. It boosts in the puberty period and makes us taller, Stronger, hairier and moodier. Testosterone level rises, and at the age of 30, Testosterone starts to lower. But the question is, how does it work for our body?

Testosterone helps our red blood cell regeneration via bone marrow. And we know what regeneration of RBC means, right? It means better cardiovascular health and better Sixpack.

Testosterone is also the sole cause of high muscle density. High muscle density means weight control and increasing strength.

These also help in bone mineral volume. Thus we get better and strong bones to aid our strong muscles.

Its helps in sexual arousal and natural rise of the sex level, which makes us younger. Thus Testosterone makes our body function better.

When you have a lower level of Testosterone, our mood becomes less satisfied and makes us angry and anxious. But Testosterone calms our nervous system to stay healthy and productive.

So overall, Testosterone modifies our bodily organs and nervous system to make our body muscle growth and our mental health better.

For scientific curiosity, Testosterone is a steroid with a ketone and hydroxyl group in hand. Ketone and hydroxyl group bonds with other chemicals to build muscle and calm nervous system.

how long does it take to gain muscle
how long does it take to gain muscle

Main Ingredients:

The natural Testosterone that is produced by our body is a cholesterol steroid with 19 carbon-hand. But the supplements that we can buy in stores are like a holy grail full of vitamins, Minerals and muscle building aid proteins.

We can find lists of ingredients in the most popular testosterone booster, like Nugenix, Testmax, Testboost and Testogen.

Testogen natural testosterone booster is made of Nettle leaf extract, Panax Ginseng, Bioperine, Zinc, Vitamin B, Fenugreek Extract, D-Aspartic Acid, Magnesium Boron. These ingredients are key to muscle gain and growth of our muscles. Testogen Booster has all the key ingredients to being a perfect companion for your muscle building.

Nugenix testosterone booster is fulfilled with Fenugreek Extract, Boron, Vitamin B6, Zinc, Apple fruit extract. Here, you can see something like Ginseng is missing. But Nugenix can be a better companion for you if you are allergic to some acid. As the FDA checks Nugenix, you don’t have to think twice about taking a cup of Nugenix again.

Testmax booster is made with D-Aspartic Acid, L-Carnitine, Dooder Seed, Nettle Root, Zinc, Vitamin E. Here in Testmax, you will find Carnitine which is special for muscle gain. As for female muscle gain, Testmax booster is one that can be taken.

Test boost supplement has Ashwagandha, Tribulus Terrestris, American Ginseng. In Testboost, you will find the natural ingredients of Testosterone. Test boost is also FDA certified. So for muscle gain, it can accompany you just fine.

Nugenix, Testboost, TestMax, Testogen are the market-leaders in producing muscle gain related products. So if you want to buy an off-brand, then search for these ingredients.

how to gain muscle fast
how to gain muscle fast

Proper Dosage:

As different Testosterone boosters have different ingredients, and the levels are not the same. The dosage for each of them can be different.

Here is the optimum dosage for some of the best testosterone boosters in the market to help you determine yours.

Nugenix capsules should be taken in an empty stomach four tablets per day. After a week, if needed, you can accumulate 1-2 more capsules.

Ageless male supplement has a simpler routine to follow with two tablets each day in the morning and evening.

Testboost has a complicated routine rather. Take 25 grams of powdered Testosterone and mix it with water every day. Do not overdose. Testogen capsules have the same dosages as Nugenix. Take four capsules every day.Taking the right amount of testosterone booster can produce regular muscle gain for both males and females.

Testosterone Is It Safe for Users:

The holy instrument of muscle gaining, Testosterone, is one of the most selling supplements on earth. But there is an everlasting question, is it safe to use?

 FDA warns to use Testosterone Supplement as it is risky for people with bad Cardiovascular health. But what isn’t harmful, when taking without a prescription.

 So, if you can take a recommended dosage after examining your testosterone level via a specialist, you are safe to gain muscle using a testosterone supplement.

Note: Don’t go to a store and buy one. It will be a risky fact. Visit a specialist if you are planning to take a testosterone supplement.


Testosterone Results:

A study of 70 male taking a testosterone supplement and 70 without any supplement for 30 days, shows that those who received testosterone supplements gain better muscle and bone density than their previous result.

Another study shows that testosterone supplements treat erectile dysfunction in male and hypogonadism(when the body can’t produce Testosterone on its own)

From this window of the survey, we can be clear about the bodybuilding effect of Testosterone. So buy a Nugenix/Agelessmale/Testboost/Testogen/Testmax? No. Stay put until the end. Spoiler alert! We have one important but heartbreaking fact.

Where to Buy Testosterone:

You can buy one from the nearest medical store (over the counter) or Walmart. What about online?

Yes! Many online buyers will sell you the real deal. These online services also diagnose and consult you before selling.

So for buying online, you can buy from the links following.

  1. Testogen Testosterone booster
  2. Ageless Male- New Vitality
  3. Nugenix Testosterone Booster
  4. TestMax Testosterone Booster
  5. Testboost -Sculpnation

Any Side Effects:

The frustrating thing about testogen boosters is you need to be prescribed or at least have an idea about if you are at risk of heart disease.

A study of 50 males shows that those who take the testogen pill are more prone to heart disease. Men ( 65 years older) with a healthy heart took the same treatment and are prone to heart disease.

That one thing is for caution, but some things are harmless but take place when you start taking a testogen booster.

Like more prone to acne, sleep irregularity, reduced testicle size and enlarged breasts. From these surveys and medical diagnostics, we can be clear that taking a testosterone supplement is good. Still, we have to be aware of our health condition(especially heart) before buying these. So if you are not a patient of heart and have the desire to gain muscle, you are good to go.

Who Shouldn’t Take testogen:

  Taking testogen boosters for healthy people is not that of a big deal. They don’t need prescriptions or not they need any diagnostic. But for people prone to diseases, this is a big deal. So if you are a patient of the following diseases, we recommend you talk with your Doctor. Wait till Doctor’s recommendation.

testogen boosters are associated with some risks and not appropriate for everybody. Certains situation that causes health risks after taking testogen boosters are:

  1. Patients of low sperm count
  2. If your problem is low Testosterone only
  3. Taking Testosterone for low T symptoms
  4. You are with prostate cancer
  5. Have any benign prostate diseases
  6. Expected children
  7. Overweight
  8. Sleep disorder

Having the above conditions, you should stay away for Testosterone Boosters.

Who It is For:

If you are over 30 years, you might have seen the ads on Tv about pills that can cure low sexual drive and increase muscle mass and bone density.

About 7.1 million prescriptions were written for testogen booster in 2019. That shows that you can buy it over the counter for yourself without any hassle. So for whom are these testogen boosters are the right options?

If you are from 30-45 years and have sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, low sex desire and mood changes. Then it is right for you to see a doctor.

People who want to gain muscle and bodybuilding but don’t wanna go to the gym so much. Buy it from the store or online without any issues. Companies like Nugenix, Testboost, TestMax, Testogen and Ageless male produce supplements that are made for muscle gain and bodybuilding.

Additional Tips:

 Before buying any testogen booster of your choice, you can follow the following tips. Health professionals for your aid formulate these.

  1. Look for fenugreek in the supplement’s ingredients
  2. Zinc and Magnesium are must for bodybuilding
  3. D-Aspartic Acid is the best ingredient for muscle gain; look for it
  4. Don’t only search for Ginseng; it is not mandatory.
  5. Look for the recommended brands.


  1. Boost Sexual Drive
  2. Gain Muscle Density
  3. Boost bone density
  4. Better mood and happier nervous system
  5. Reduces Diabetes
  6. Healthy heart
  7. Higher mineral density


  1. Can cause breakout
  2. Water retention via skin pores
  3. Sometimes causes Gynecomastia (Man-breast)
  4. Lower sperm count
  5. Reduce Testicular size



how to lose fat and gain muscle
how to lose fat and gain muscle

Customer review:


how to gain muscle
how to gain muscle


Customer Queries:

  1. Does testogen Booster work for muscle gaining?
  • Yes! A valid and working testogen booster is something true. They can be that much of a deal. They will increase your testosterone level at most 50%. But look for the recommended ones; Nugenix, Testogen, Ageless Male, Testboost, TestMax.
  1. Is taking Testosterone Boosters bad for health?
  • That depends. Testosterone boosters can be harmful to a particular class of people. Like people who are at risk of cancer and heart diseases. If you are not one of them and want to gain muscle testosterone boosters are not bad for your health.
  1. Which testogen boosters to take?
  • Searching for the world of testogen boosters can be difficult things for you if you are new to this world. There are tons of spams in the market, and you are not experienced yet to search for particular ingredients. So you can look out for these particular brands which are best in the market right now for producing testogen Boosters.
  1. Nugenix
  2. Testogen
  3. TestMax
  4. Ageless Male
  5. TestBoost

Final Summary:

The special blend of ingredients in Testogen has been meticulously obtained, determined and integrated to give you superior results in a completely risk-free natural method.

Testosterone is the holy grail of leading a better life and having a desirable body. The benefits of Testosterone boosting are undeniable though it has some downsides. So, for people to gain muscle and have a better sex life, testosterone booster like Tesogen, Nugenix, TestMax, Testboost and Ageless Male are recommended.

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